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With any third-party plug-in, including these, you should try it out first with a document that you do not care about saving. You can learn about the plugin and make sure it works on your system at the same time.

September 12, 2014. Support for the stand-alone German version of Patterson-Beams (i.e., "Patterson-Balken") has been dropped. I hope to add it back as a proper localization in a future release of the main package. The last supported version can still be downloaded from here.

March 27, 2015. Support for the PowerPC processor has been dropped. The last version with PowerPC support is 4.04 and it can be downloaded here.

April 9, 2015. Patterson Plug-Ins Version 5 and Copyist's Helper Version 5 require new registration codes from the previous versions. You can install the newer versions for a 30-day trial. This trial does not affect your registration of the older versions. See the new version announcement here.

July 14, 2017. The 64-bit version of 5.10 (and higher) drops support for Finale 25 - Finale 25.3. You must accept the free update to Finale 25.4 or higher to use version 5.10+.

October 16, 2018. Version 5.20 drops support for 32-bit (Finale 2014.5 and earlier). You can download v5.12 for 32-bit here.

Plugins tested thru Finale 26 (64-bit)
(from Finale 25.4)
(from Finale 25.4)
Patterson Plug-Ins (U. S. English) Version 5.20
Copyist's Helper Version 5.20

You can download MacOS-compatible versions of JW Plugins here. If Jari Williamsson asks me to remove these links, I will. These are offered as-is, with no guarantee or support. I recommend using his new series of plugins rather than these. You can find his new plugins at his website. For a history of changes to the versions available here, see this link.

PDKTools (Win v2.16)
PDKTools (Mac v2.16, PPC Only).
JW Space Systems v1.12 (Mac Universal Binary: does not use PDKTools).
JW Tempo v1.03a (Mac Universal Binary: does not use PDKTools).
JW Time Sig v1.02 (Mac Universal Binary: does not use PDKTools).
JW Tempo v1.04 (Mac 64-bit compatible with Finale 25).

Earlier Patterson plugin versions are not supported, but you may download them here.