Page Title Copy

Page Title Copy allows you to copy page titles from one file to another. You can have several windows open at once (using Saved Settings) with different source files to copy from. The plugin is useful for replicating a title page from one doc to another. Version 4 of Page Title Copy can also move a page title between score and linked parts within the same document, properly hiding the title so it only appear on the part that you copy it to.

Paste. Pastes selected titles from the source into the current document, avoiding duplication. Typically you paste to a different document than the source document, but you may paste a document to itself. This can be useful with an extracted part. Finale allows you to retain all the single-page titles from the score when you extract a part, but any that were on score pages past the end of the part are inaccessible. Using the Force Into Target options of this plugin, you can force those titles back on pages that exist in the extracted part by copying the titles from the part to itself.

Clear. Deletes the selected titles from the current document. The source document has no effect on the results.

{ Collapse | Expand } Window. This button allows you to hide or show everything in the dialog below the Set Source button. You might use this to conserve screen real estate if you do not routinely change the items to copy.

Close. Closes the Page Title Copy window.

Set Source. Sets the source file to the current document. You can change the source document as often as you like. When a source document is set, its name appears beside the button.

Titles on Multiple Pages. Selects titles that are assigned to multiple pages.

Titles on Single Pages { From [x] | to [x] }. Selects the single-page titles (from the source) that you want to copy. This also selects the single-page titles in the target that you want to clear. Enter "0" in "to" if you want to copy to the end of the document.

Force into Target on: Activates the options for forcing into the target. These options come into play when the target has fewer pages than the source. They have no effect when clearing titles. Checking this option along with Titles on Multiple Pages causes multi-page titles to be adjusted (if necessary) so that they appear on at least one page of the target.

{ Last Page | Page [x] }. Any single-page titles on pages beyond the last page of the target are placed on the selected page.

Force All Single-Page Titles to this Page. Causes any single-page title in the source to be copied to the specified page, rather than just those that fall beyond the last page of the target.

Close on Go. Causes the dialog box to go away whenever you press Paste or Clear.

Paste to All Docs. If this option is checked, Paste copies the source to all other open documents. Clear deletes the titles in all open documents.

Saved Settings. Brings up the Saved Settings dialog box.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about the operation of this plugin, please feel free to contact me.