Add Blank Pages at End

Add Blank Pages at End provides a shortcut for adding blank pages at the end of a document, especially if your reason for doing so is to fill out a foldover booklet.

Of course, Finale's Page Layout tool provides the ability to add pages at the end of the document without recourse to a plugin. However, Finale's method requires you then to manually adjust all the global page titles if you really want blank pages. This plugin automatically adjusts the global page titles for you. (Oddly, if you use Finale's Page Layout tool to insert blank pages at the beginning of the document, Finale does automatically adjust the global page titles, but not if you insert them at the end.)

This plugin adds another feature, which is that it will automatically figure out how many pages to add (if any) so that the number of pages is a multiple of four. This is particularly useful if you want to process all open documents at once.

Finale 2007 Note. Makemusic has provided no mechanism for plugins running in Finale 2007 to access the linking, unlinking feature for parts. The main value that Add Blank Pages adds is trimming global page headers. There is no way for a plugin to do this for a part without adversely affecting other parts and the score. Therefore, Add Blank Pages is restricted to operating on the score view only when running under Finale 2007 or later.

Add to Nearest Multiple of 4. Checking this disables the Number of Pages to Add and rounds out the document(s) to the nearest multiple of 4 pages. If the document already has a multiple of 4 pages, the plugin does nothing.

Number of Pages to Add. If Add to Nearest Multiple of 4 is unchecked, this option specifies the number of blank pages to add.

Delete Orphaned Blank Pages (If Found). Finale 2007 can leave orphaned blank pages in a document. These are page records with internal page numbers more than one higher than the last visible page number. Even though the page records exist, Finale does not display them. When this option is checked, the plugin deletes the orphaned page records.

All Open Documents. Process all open documents. This may be especially useful in combination with the Add to Nearest Multiple of 4 options.

Close On Go. Checking this mimics the behavior of a modal dialog box. It causes the plugin window to close after you click Go.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about the operation of Add Blank Pages at End, please feel free to contact me.