Finale provides a fairly powerful navigation option with bookmarks. (View->Bookmarks->Add/Edit Bookmark). These can recall view percentage, staff set, page position, and a number of other aspects of position within a document. However, as implemented within Finale they have a couple of drawbacks.

This utility provides instant access to your bookmarks. It will go to the bookmark irrespective of which view you are in and which view the bookmark is designed for. You can leave it open on the desktop for quick access.

Change Lyric Number

[Bookmarks List] A list of all the bookmarks in your document. When you click on one of these options, it navigates there immediately. For Page View bookmarks, if you are in Scroll View it calculates a measure and staff location as close as it can to the page position specified in the bookmark.

Back. Whenever you navigate with the bookmarks list, the utility remembers your current location. You can then jump back with this button. Think of it as similar to the "previous channel" button on a remote control.

Rebuild Menu. This option rebuilds the plugin's bookmark menu in case you have modified the bookmarks using the Finale menus. However, in macOS Finale the plugin automatically monitors Finale's main menu so that the plugin's bookmark menu is almost always refreshed. For Windows Finale, you can optionally enable the same feature. Go to Plug-ins->Patterson Plug-Ins->Options & Info. Select the Monitor Main Menu option. Note that for some older versions of Windows Finale, enabling this option causes Finale to crash when you quit. If the crash occurs, it does not hurt anything (because you were quitting anyway). It just displays an annoying error message and triggers Finale's file recovery mechanism the next time you start Finale.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about the operation of this utility, please feel free to contact me.

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