Patterson Plug-In Collection for Finale™

This collection dramatically improves your productivity when using Finale software from Coda Music Technology. It adds more power than an average yearly upgrade from Coda. Version 6 of the collection works with all Finale versions since Finale 25.4. (Older versions of the collection work with Finale back to Finale 1997.)

In less than 5 seconds, invoke Tuplet Mover, Beam Over Barline, and Patterson Beams to get

Or replicate meticulous work.

Mass Copy replicates the selection with one click as follows:

The collection includes the these plugins.

The plug-ins provide automated editing of ties, tuplets, and beams, with numerous configuration options to suit any taste. Also available is a vastly improved equivalent of Mass Mover for moving note-attached items. Finally, tools for managing measure numbers (including repeated measures), file settings, page shifting, and staff views round out the collection.

You may download the collection and try them free for 30 days. A single, modest registration fee activates all of them.