Patterson Plug-In Collection
Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

2. About Saved Settings

3. About Registration Codes and Fees

1. General

1.1 How do I install the Patterson Plug-In Collection?

Download and unzip the appropriate file. Drop the "Patterson Plug-Ins" folder into Finale's "Plug-Ins" folder. If you are installing Copyist's Helper, drop the "CopyistHelper" file into Finale's "Plug-Ins" folder.

IMPORTANT: If you have installed Patterson Plugins before, delete the old "Patterson Plug-Ins" folder first. This is critically important, especially on Windows, because the new folder may not fully replace the old if you simply drop it on the existing folder.

IMPORTANT: If you are running macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later, you must install the plugins while you are connected to the Internet. Specifically be sure to restart Finale after copying the zip-file contents to your plugins folder. Once you have restarted Finale and verified the plugins are working, you can then use them offline as much as you wish. (This is an Apple-imposed restriction, not a restriction of the plugins.)

1.2 I've correctly installed the plug-in(s), so why don't they show up in Finale's Plug-In menu?

Here are several things to check.

1.3 Do you plan to support Mac OSX?

Carbonized OSX versions are now available on the download site. However, they will not work with any version of Finale before Finale 2004.

1.4 Why are some of my options grayed out?

The Patterson Plug-In collection includes support for every Finale version that has ever allowed plug-ins. However, many features supported by later Finale versions are not supported by the earliest versions. If your version of Finale does not support the feature, it is grayed out. Finale 97 is particularly limited in this way.

1.5 While running Mac Finale, I get "Too Many Open Files" error.

Versions of MacOS earlier than OS9 have a relatively low limit to the number of open files in the system. Unfortunately, Finale opens many dozens of other files besides your document file. Even worse, if you run with Virtual Memory on, this doubles the number of open files. The first thing to try is turning off Virtual Memory. For most people, this solves the problem. If you continue to see the problem, or if you must run with Virtual Memory on, pare down Finale's files as much as possible by removing items you do not use. Items to consider include fonts, font annotation files, and plug-in files.

1.6 Mac Finale crashes when I exit the program.

If you are using MacOS 9.2.2, you may routinely see Finale crash when you exit the program. (Other recent versions of OS9 may also exhibit the problem, but it has only been reported on OS9.2.2.) This crash is caused by a conflict between Finale, the OS, and certain third-party plugins, for which there is no simple resolution. Most users report that if they turn off Virtual Memory, the problem goes away, so try this first. If this does not resolve the problem, or if you must run with Virtual Memory on, remove Page Mover from Finale's Plug-Ins menu. Page Mover is the only Patterson Plug-In that has the conflicting code. (Please note: third-party plug-ins from other vendors may still have it, so the only way to be sure you are clear is to test with only specific plugins in your Plug-Ins folder.)

1.7 What causes an error message like "FinPIStaffSystem::FinPIStaffSystem->Unable to load Enigma Data. EXTAG is'O%SS'"

This most likely is due to a bug in Finale's Auto Update Layout feature. You can usually work around the problem by turning off Auto Update Layout. Auto Update Layout causes a substantial performance hit, so learning to work without it is not necessarily bad.

2. About Saved Settings

2.1 I'm getting a new computer. How can I move my saved settings to it?

See Moving Patterson Plug-In Settings to Another Machine.

2.2 I created a saved setting with "Skip Options" checked. How can I change its settings or its name?

When selecting the saved setting from Finale's Plug-In menu, hold down Option (MacOS) or Shift (Windows). For more information, see Save Settings.

2.3 I'm using Finale 2004 for MacOS, and none of my plugin preferences from earlier versions are there. How can I convert them?

See Moving Patterson Plug-In Settings to Another Machine.

3. About Registration Codes and Fees

3.1 The Patterson Plug-In Collection used to be freeware. What happened?

I find that I can no longer afford to spend the considerable time required to support the collection without compensation. Furthermore, many users have inquired how they may support my efforts, and this provides a means for them to do so.

3.2 If I purchase a registration, how long is it good for?

This largely depends on how many changes are required to support new Finale versions in the future and whether major additions and enhancements are undertaken. The first registered versions include all support for the multi-document features in Finale 2003, as that becomes available. In any case, upgrade fees will be much less than original registration fees.

3.3 I have both Windows and MacOS computers. Do I need two registration codes?

You may install the Patterson Plug-In collection on multiple computers. As long as only one person uses them at a time, you may use the same registration on all those computers. The same registration works on both Windows and MacOS.

3.4 Can I continue to use the old free versions?

The older free versions will continue to work as they do now, and you may continue to use them under the old freeware terms. However, all support is dropped. Eventually, they may cease to function in future versions of Finale, depending on what Coda changes in those versions.

3.5 How can I pay for the registration?

You can use the Paypal link at the registration page. You may also pay by credit card or electronic check using Billpoint or by personal check. Visit the registration page for details.

3.6 I have my registration code. Where do I enter it?

Select the "Options and Info" item from the Patterson Plug-Ins sub-menu. There you will see a "Register..." button that will accept your registration code.

3.7 Must I register to use the version of Patterson Beams that comes with Finale?

No. You may use the version of Patterson Beams that comes with Finale at no additional cost. So long as the version numbers match, that version and the version included with the Patterson Plug-Ins Collection are functionally identical. However, versions of Finale before Finale 2002 do not recognize the version distributed by Coda. You must visit the Coda website to obtain the latest updates of their version.

3.8 I've already registered once, but now all my preferences are gone, and I'm asked for my registration code again.

If you are using Mac Finale, the most likely explanation is that you have an older version of Finale running simultaneously with a newer version of Finale. Only one Finale version at a time can see your preferences for the Patterson Plug-Ins Collection. Quit both versions of Finale, and then restart the one you wish to use.

3.9 I'm running OSX, and even when I enter my name and registration code, the OK button stays inactive.

If you enter your registration code with cmd-V or the Edit:Copy menu command, Finale 2004 fails to notify plug-in dialog boxes that anything has changed in the text box. This is a bug in Finale 2004. To work around it, type something (perhaps a space) in the text box following your registration code and then delete it. Each actual keystroke causes Finale to notify the dialog box that something has changed.