Move Expressions

This utility shifts expression assignments and endpoints of beat-attached smart shapes as indicated in the From and To fields. The primary use case arises from the behavior of Speedy Entry. If you move notes using Speedy, the expressions and smart shape endpoints frequently remain at the original location. This utility allows you to move them quickly. The simplest approach is to select the gap between where the notes originally were and where they are now and hit Go. The default settings are designed to accomplish the use case in the majority of situations where you are moving the items forward. If you need to move them back, you will have to modify at least the To fields.

From: Measure [meas] Beat/EDU [value]. Specifies the source location from which items will be moved.

To: Measure [meas] Beat/EDU [value]. Specifies the target location to which items will be moved.

Include: [ ] Expressions [ ] Beat-Attached Smart Shapes. Specifies the items to be moved. If neither is checked, the plugin does nothing.

Shift All In Selected Region. If this option is not checked, only items at the exact From location are moved. If the option is checked, all items in the selected region are moved to the destination offset an equal metric value to their offset from the source location. The option does nothing if the selected region spans more than one measure. (For selected regions spanning multiple measures, consider using Mass Copy instead.)

Whenever you change the current selection, the plugin changes the From and To values to match it. If you select the gap you added using Speedy, the plugin will normally move the associated expression and beat-attached smartshape endpoints correctly without additional settings. There are two notable exceptions where you may have to manually edit From and/or To.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about the operation of this utility, please feel free to contact me.

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