Page Title Copy

Page Title Copy allows you to copy page titles from one file to another. You can have several windows open at once (using Saved Settings) with different source files to copy from. The plugin is useful for replicating a title page from one doc to another. You can also move a page title between score and linked parts within the same document, properly hiding the title so it only appears on the part that you copy it to.

Page Title Copy

Paste. Pastes selected titles from the source to the target, avoiding duplication. You may copy between documents, between parts, or from one page of a document to another.

Clear. Deletes the selected titles from the document and part specified in the dropdown list on the From: side.

{ Collapse | Expand } Window. This button allows you to hide most of the dialog, showing only the top section with Paste and Clear, or to show the entire window.

Close. Closes the Page Title Copy window.

From [document dropdown | part dropdown]. Sets the source to the specified document and part or score selected from the dropdown lists.

Titles on Multiple Pages. Selects titles that are assigned to multiple pages.

Titles on Single Pages { All | Single [x] | Range [x] | to [xy] }. Selects the single-page titles (from the source) that you want to copy. This also selects the single-page titles that you want to clear. Enter "0" in "to" if you want to copy to the end of the document.

Ignore Hidden. Checking this box causes the plugin not to copy titles that are hidden in the source.

To [document dropdown | part dropdown]. Sets the Paste target to the specified document and part or score selected from the dropdown lists.

Copy Single-Page Titles Starting at Page: { [x] }. Copies from the source to the target starting at this page.

replicate [x] times. Repeat-copies the source page range as many times as specified. It may be useful to replicate a single page in the source to many pages in the target. But it also works with multiple pages in the source. Entering 0 or 1 has the effect of no replication. Any number greater than 1 causes replication.

Close on Go. Causes the dialog box to go away whenever you press Paste or Clear.

Paste to All Docs. If this option is checked, Paste copies the source to all other open documents. Clear deletes the titles in all open documents.

Saved Settings. Brings up the Saved Settings dialog box.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about the operation of this plugin, please feel free to contact me.