Version History (v2)

Patterson Plug-Ins v2.79 Feb. 26, 2006
  • Various bug fixes.
  • OSX Native version.
Copyist's Helper v1.13 Feb. 26, 2006
  • OSX Native version.
Patterson Plug-Ins v2.79b1 Dec. 12, 2005
  • OSX Native version. (Beta. OSX only.)
Copyist's Helper v1.13b1 Dec. 12, 2005
  • OSX Native version. (Beta. OSX only.)
Patterson Plug-Ins v2.78 Jul. 10, 2005
  • Finale 2006-aware version.
Copyist's Helper v1.12 Jul. 10, 2005
  • Finale 2006-aware version.
Patterson Plug-Ins v2.77 May 27, 2005
  • Cumulative minor bug fixes, mainly in Mass Copy.
Patterson Plug-Ins v2.76 Apr. 8, 2005
  • Cumulative minor bug fixes.
  • Major performance boost for users of Finale 2004 and higher.
Copyist's Helper v1.11 Apr. 8, 2005
  • Cumulative minor bug fixes.
Patterson Plug-Ins v2.75 Mar. 6, 2005
  • Cumulative minor bug fixes.
Copyist's Helper v1.10 Jan. 16, 2005
  • Ignore orphaned staff percent enduction records when calculating measure number positioning.
Patterson Plug-Ins v2.74 Dec. 14, 2004
  • Cumulative minor bug fixes.
Copyist's Helper v1.09 Dec. 14, 2004
  • Cumulative minor bug fixes.
Patterson Plug-Ins v2.73 Sep. 22, 2004
  • Fixed OSX registration dialog so that you can easily copy and paste registration info from emails.
  • Fixed Mass Copy tuplet bug that occurred in Windows Finale 2005.
Copyist's Helper v1.08b Sep. 22, 2004
  • Fixed OSX registration dialog so that you can easily copy and paste registration info from emails.
Patterson Plug-Ins v2.72 Sep. 18, 2004
Copyist's Helper v1.08 Sep. 17, 2004
  • When using a Group name for the staff or instrument name insert, the plugin now uses the first visible group name unless all are invisible, in which case it uses the first invisible. Before, it always took the first group name irrespective of whether it was visible.
Patterson Plug-Ins v2.71 Aug. 25, 2004
  • Patterson Beams: improve beam angle in certain situations.
  • Page Mover: undo text now shows page range rather than measure range.
  • Fixed bug in undo when processing multiple files at once.
  • Settings Scrapbook now works with Finale 2005 tuplet preferences.
Patterson Plug-Ins v2.70b Aug. 13, 2004
  • Improved Tuplet Mover suport for Finale 2005 tuplets.
Patterson Plug-Ins v2.70 Aug. 13, 2004
  • Option and shift key features now work in OSX.
  • Finale 2005 tuplets are recognized and handled appropriately. (See Tuplet Mover page for more details.)
  • Staff Sets is now compatible with Finale 2005 menus.
Copyist's Helper v1.07 Aug. 13, 2004
  • Option key feature now works in OSX.
Patterson Plug-Ins v2.69 Aug. 7, 2004
  • Removed beta designation from version string.
  • Fixed problem in Tuplet Mover that caused it to skip certain tuplets erroneously.
Patterson Plug-Ins v2.69b1 Aug. 6, 2004
  • Measure Numbers: accept and display measure numbers using Finale's display conventions.
  • Mass Copy: Fixed bug that could leave orphaned records in the file when the Clear button was used on meas-attached items. Also, Clef Changes should now delete without errors.
Copyist's Helper v1.06 July 21, 2004
  • Compensate for staff-level reduction or enlargement when positioning measure numbers. (They are positioned correctly for page view rather than scroll view.)
Patterson Plug-Ins v2.68 July 10, 2004
  • Patterson Beams: handle reverse stem situations correctly when Preserve Flatness is on.
  • Mass Copy: Secondary Beam Breaks now work when they are the only option checked.
  • Patterson Beams: beams comprised of repeated notes now are handled the same regardless of the number of notes in the beam.
Patterson Plug-Ins v2.67 June 5, 2004
  • Take into account the Layer Option "Hide Layer When Inactive" when calculating stem direction.
  • Fixed some Tuplet Mover problems related to setting the Autobracket Stem Side Only option.
Copyist's Helper v1.05 June 4, 2004
  • Do not apply special G-clef H position unless the G-clef is visible.
  • Added separate H and V positioning for measure numbers at start-of-system and those at multimeasure rests.
  • Finale 2004. Added option to enter all centered measure number ranges as measure-attached expressions rather than measure numbers. This allows for more accurate centering.
  • Finale 2004. Boxed numbers entered as measure-attached expressions now use the Align Left Barline option instead of the Align Horizontal Click option. This allows for more accurate positioning.
Patterson Beams v2.67 May 22, 2004
  • Allow beam to be slanted on any beam where the extreme note is on an endpoint, even if the notes change direction in the middle.
Mass Copy v2.67 May 22, 2004
  • Added option to skip empty measures when pasting measure-attached items.
Patterson Plug-Ins v2.66 Mar. 30, 2004
  • Mass Copy: added Measure-Attached Text to the items that can be copied.
  • Fixed bugs in Mass Copy that caused errors and/or crashes when copying measure-attached expressions with staff lists between documents.
Copyist's Helper v1.04 Mar. 5, 2004
  • Fixed bug that caused the Instrument Headers tab to skip text blocks assigned to page 1.
Patterson Plug-Ins (All) v2.65 Jan. 2, 2004
  • Fixed bug that caused note-oriented plugins to skip measures containing mid-measure clefs. (Patterson Beams, Beam Over Barline, Tie Mover, etc.)
  • Rolled over to 2004.
Page Mover v2.64b Dec. 7, 2003
  • Windows only. Fixed minor focus problem when selecting page size.
Measure Numbers v2.64b Nov. 28, 2003
  • Fixed problem when creating measure number regions where Finale saved them strangely.
Copyist's Helper v1.03b Nov. 23, 2003
  • In Finale versions older than Finale 2004, warn the user if a multimeasure rest exists that spans multiple measure number regions.
Copyist's Helper v1.03 Nov. 21, 2003
  • Finale 2004 expression options are more explicitly recognized and supported.
  • In Finale 2004, if a multi-measure rest spans multiple measure number regions, the text for the measure number range is automatically broken up into a sequence of ranges, e.g., "10, 10a-10c, 11-12".
Patterson Plug-Ins Collection (All) v2.64 Nov. 21, 2003
  • Plugins are now aware of Special Part Extraction.
  • Finale 2004 expression options are more explicitly recognized and supported.
Copyist's Helper
Mass Copy
Settings Scrapbook
Nov. 9, 2003
  • Pick up bug fixes from below.
Staff Sets v2.63b Nov. 9, 2003
  • Fixed problem where group names could be erroneously multiplied when the staff set changed.
Copyist's Helper v1.02 Nov. 9, 2003
  • Several important bug fixes, especially for Windows Finale and Finale 2004.
  • New option controls whether enclosed numbers appear on the top or on all staves where measure numbers appear. (Normally only relevant for documents with multiple staves.)
  • New option specifies an alternate font for enclosed numbers.
  • New option allows you to strip out the instrument name token if no separate instrument name exists.
  • New options to search optimized group names in addition to or instead of page headers.
  • Changed the way the staff name is identified for documents with multiple staves. The plugin now uses the group name if one exists.
Copyist's Helper v1.01 Sep. 29, 2003
  • Corrected compatibility error that may have caused slow leak in Finale 2004.
Patterson Plug-Ins Collection (All) v2.63 Sep. 29, 2003
  • Corrected compatibility error that may have caused slow leak in Finale 2004.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.
Copyist's Helper v1.00r2 Sep. 23, 2003
  • Fix centering error due to system scaling.
Copyist's Helper v1.00 Sep. 22, 2003
  • New plugin that handles special measure numbering and instrument header requirements for copyists.
Patterson Beams v2.62c Aug. 23, 2003
  • Ignore interior grace notes when determining whether the extreme note is inside the beam.
Beam Over Barlines v2.61b Aug. 10, 2003
  • Fixed bug in stem directions over system breaks.
Patterson Beams (German Language Only) v2.62b Jul. 13, 2003
  • Updated German version for changes on Jul. 11-12.
Patterson Beams (English Language Only) v2.62b Jul. 12, 2003
  • Changed the description of the new option because the other description was meaningless. The new description is "Adjustment for Stems on Staves With Fewer than 5 Lines." Anyone who needs to see how it works should visit the doc page. A value of 0 (still) disables the feature.
Patterson Beams (English Language Only) v2.62 Jul. 11, 2003
  • New "Min Inward Offset..." option facilitates shorter stems on 1-line (or <5-line) percussion staves. To restore the behavior of previous versions, set this value to 0.
Tuplet Mover v2.61b Jul. 11, 2003
  • Fixed bug in calculation of bracket slope.
Beam Selection v2.61 Jul. 11, 2003
  • Correctly start the beam on each staff when there are multiple staves.
Settings Scrapbook v2.61b Jul. 11, 2003
  • Fixed potential memory problem when transferring certain doc preferences.
Mass Copy
Measure Numbers
Page Mover
Settings Scrapbook
v2.61 Jul. 4, 2003
  • Finale 2004: Modeless dialog boxes stay open until you close them (or quit Finale), even if you close all the document windows.
Beam Over Barlines
Mass Copy
Patterson Beams
Tie Mover
Tuplet Mover
v2.61 Jun. 23, 2003
  • A note or chord's stem direction is now more reliably recognized.
Mass Copy v2.60b Jun. 22, 2003
  • Tie Options are now controlled by the Note Related Alterations option on the main window.
Settings Scrapbook v2.60b Jun. 20, 2003
  • Carbonized version now displays the current document as the Paste Target
Tie Mover v2.60b Jun. 17, 2003
  • Fixed bug when setting height & inset that caused them to go strangely awry until manually edited.
Patterson Beams v2.60b Jun. 16, 2003
  • Produce more consistent results in certain reverse stem situations.
Beam Selection v2.60 Jun. 14, 2003
  • New plugin creates a beam on any selected region within a measure (or multiple beams for multiple measures).
Staff Sets v2.60a Jun. 14, 2003
  • Fixed problem when running with Finale 2003 where the plugin fails to redraw and fails to change the view percentage if requested.
All Plug-Ins v2.60 Jun. 13, 2003
  • Added compatibility with Finale 2004.
  • The Saved Settings dialog now has a Delete All button if you access it from the base plugin (rather than a saved setting).
Beam Over Barlines v2.52f Apr. 26, 2003
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused slurs or articulations, expressions, etc., to be destroyed on beams across system breaks.
Tie Mover v2.50e Apr. 26, 2003
  • Fixed bug in Fin97/98 version that disabled a great deal of its functionality.
Mass Copy
Settings Scrapbook
Apr. 21, 2003
  • Resolve differences in font numbering when copying most items between documents. Specifically, Engima font numbers are converted for Default Font Assignments, Articulation and Text Expression Definitions, Clef Definitions, Note and Accidental Modifications, and Custom Line Definitions. This change essentially negates the disclaimer concerning Enigma Fonts in the Settings Scrapbook documentation, except for shapes created in Finale's Shape Designer. It also eliminates the rather burdensome need to copy Enigma Font Definitions unless also copying shapes containing text. If you discover any other items (besides shapes) that are affected by enigma font numbering, please let me know.
All Plug-Ins various Apr. 4, 2003
  • Mac: The Mar. 29, 2003 release had a major flaw that (for some users) caused slow downs, loss of registration, and bogus error messages. This release fixes that problem. If you saw any of these kinds of problems, you should probably restore your RGP Finale Plugins Prefs file from a copy earlier than Mar. 29, 2003.
All Plug-Ins various Mar. 29, 2003
  • Mac: Plugins can now access saved settings and other configuration data when two or more Finale versions are running simultaneously.
Beam Over Barlines v2.52c Mar. 21, 2003
  • Fix bug that caused plugin to error-abort if a measure contained more notes than the meter specified.
Beam Over Barlines v2.52b Mar. 8, 2003
  • Fix minor bug in handling multiple documents for Finale 2003.
Beam Over Barlines v2.52 Mar. 8, 2003
  • Added option to allow creation of a single beam across multiple barlines.
  • Added support for secondary beam breaks in mid-system beams.
Beam Over Barlines
Patterson Beams
Mar. 2, 2003
  • Fix minor bug in beams over system breaks where rests are adjacent to the barline.
Patterson Beams v2.50c Feb. 27, 2003
  • Recognize beam extensions for beams over system breaks and leave their beam angles untouched.
Beam Over Barlines v2.51b Feb. 27, 2003
  • Added more options for controlling beam angles at system breaks.
  • Beam extensions now receive the correct length regardless of the amount of horizontal stretching in Page View.
Mass Copy v2.51b Feb. 18, 2003
  • Fixed problem where in certain situations copying clef changes would insert a spurious clef at the beginning of a bar.
Beam Over Barlines
Patterson Beams
Feb. 18, 2003
  • Correctly calculate beams in situations where beams are interspersed with grace notes.
Page Mover v2.51b Feb. 18, 2003
  • No longer invert signs when storing top and right margins into Page Format for Score.
Measure Numbers v2.52a Feb. 14, 2003
  • Modify Range now works correctly.
  • It is no longer necessary to set the Always Show Last value to zero if the feature is not desired. Unchecking the check box is now sufficient.
Measure Numbers v2.52 Feb. 2, 2003
  • Added some additional options for Shift Range and Number Repeated Measures.
Measure Numbers v2.51 Feb. 1, 2003
  • Massive overhaul of user interface, including:
  • Dialog box is now modeless.
  • It only places one item in the plugin menu.
  • Can now shift regions or modify settings for a range of regions.
  • Now has an option automatically to recognize and number repeated measures, along the lines of Coda's "Number Repeated Measures" plugin.
  • Other various and sundry changes.
Page Mover v2.51 Jan. 31, 2003
  • Scaling percentages can now be fractional.
  • Fixed bug that caused the system percentage to be incorrectly updated in the Page Format for Score if more than one page was modified.
Beam Over Barlines
Tie Mover
v2.50a Jan. 19, 2003
  • Made compatible with Mass Copy 2.51 changes
Mass Copy v2.51 Jan. 19, 2003
  • Added ties and dot alterations to items that can be copied.
Page Mover v2.50 Jan. 13, 2003
  • Finale 2003: Added option to update Page Format for Score with the results of a Page Mover operation.
All Plug-Ins v2.50 Jan. 13, 2003
  • Updated all plugins to latest registration logic.
  • Removed "About" dialog boxes in each plugin and replaced with a separate "Options and Info" plugin.
  • For Finale 2000 and higher, bundled plug-ins into "Patterson Plug-Ins" folder for better organization in Finale's Plug-Ins menu.
  • Dropped all support for 68K Macs.
Settings Scrapbook v2.03f Dec. 29, 2002
  • Fixed problem that could cause Finale to crash when the target document contained an empty shape.
Mass Copy v2.03c Dec. 29, 2002
  • Fixed errors when transferring stem-reversal settings.
  • Fixed problem that could cause Finale to crash when the target document contained an empty shape.
Settings Scrapbook v2.03e Dec. 28, 2002
  • Fixed problem where plugin failed to restore the current document after a multidocument Paste All.
Mass Copy v2.03b Dec. 28, 2002
  • Fixed problems when transferring items between documents when multiple staves are selected in source and target.
  • Fixed error in identifying target measure-attached expressions when transferring expressions between documents.
Settings Scrapbook v2.03d Dec. 6, 2002
  • Fixed problem where Paste All erroneously would terminate without doing anything.
Settings Scrapbook v2.03c Nov. 18, 2002
  • Fixed problem where copying a huge setting item (such as a very large library of articulation definitions) would crash Finale and continue to crash Finale every time the plugin was opened.
Patterson Beams v2.00r5 Nov. 9, 2002
  • Eighth beams now honor the Stem Reversal Offsets settings.
  • Sixteenth (and smaller) beams can be slightly closer to the notehead. (This usually only applies in reverse stem situations.)
Settings Scrapbook v2.03b Nov. 3, 2002
  • Enclosures are now saved and pasted for text expression definitions that have them.
  • Finale 2003: Fixed a problem where pasting Grids and Guides settings could crash Finale.
Mass Copy v2.03 Nov. 3, 2002
  • Added measure-attached expressions, including (for Finale 2003) the ability to copy them from one document to another and preserve staff assignments. They can also be time-shifted as can clef changes and measure-attached smart shapes.
  • Cleaned up some issues related to moving Clef Changes. These now copy correctly even when there are no mid-measure clef changes (including document-to-document for Finale 2003).
  • Finale 2003: Can now copy from document to document measure- and note-attached expressions with enclosures. (That is, the enclosures now are also copied.)
Settings Scrapbook v2.03a Oct. 27, 2002
  • Fixed problem when transferring Expression Definitions that reference Executable Shapes. The Executable Shapes now are ignored and not copied.
Mass Copy v2.02 Oct. 27, 2002
  • Now copies or clears Clef Changes accurately within a document or from document to document. Clefs can also be time-shifted similarly to measure-attached smart shapes.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Finale 97/98 versions from setting the source region.
Settings Scrapbook v2.03 Oct. 21, 2002
  • Added Articulation Definitions and Metatools
  • Added Expression Definitions and Metatools
  • Finale 2003: Added Default Name Positions
Settings Scrapbook v2.02 Oct. 7, 2002
  • Added Custom Line Definitions.
  • Added Enigma Font Definitions.
  • Default Fonts are now saveable in Finale 2003. (They also are saveable in earlier versions, as they always were.)
Settings Scrapbook v2.01a Sep. 29, 2002
  • Finale 2003: The plugin now saves all chord preferences.
  • Finale 2003 Mac: Postscript options (in Lines & Curves) are now saved.
  • Work around obscure pre-Finale 2003 bug where staff names can sometimes be missing.
  • Tuplet Options work again.
Settings Scrapbook v2.01 Sep. 16, 2002
  • Finale 2003: The plugin can now copy and paste all document options.
  • Finale 2003: The plugin has an option to paste to all open documents at one time.
  • Mac: Discontinued all support for 68K Macs.
Settings Scrapbook v2.00 Sep. 9, 2002
  • Fixed problem that sometimes caused Finale to crash when the Copy or Copy All button was pressed.
  • All MIDI instruments and MIDI Instrument Assignments now copy correctly, even for large orchestral scores.
  • Extended clef attributes (special fonts or shapes) can be transferred in Finale 2001 and higher. (But see the disclaimer concerning enigma fonts.)
  • Scroll View Staves and Staff Groups, along with MIDI Instruments and MIDI Instrument Assignments, can now be copied with a single Paste All command.
  • Mac: Discontinued 68k support for Finale 2000+.
Tie Mover v2.01 Sep. 6, 2002
  • Ties on notes up to one leger line outside the staff are now treated as in the staff if their direction is towards the staff.
Mass Copy v2.01 Sep. 4, 2002
  • Fixed bugs associated with copying custom smart shapes from one document to another (Finale 2003 only).
  • Mac: Discontinued all support for 68K Macs.
Mass Copy v2.00 Sep. 2, 2002
  • Added multiple document support for Finale 2003. When used with Finale 2003, Mass Copy can now copy items from one document to another.
  • Added option to choose whether to create new definitions or find existing ones when copying between documents. (See Options Dialog for more info.)
  • Cross staffing is now copied based on relative staff positions. You can now copy cross staffing to different staves than the source. (This fix applies to all Finale versions.)
  • Mac: Discontinued 68k support for Finale 2000+.
Beam Over Barlines
Patterson Beams
Staff Sets
Aug. 18, 2002
  • Mac: Removed code that caused Finale to crash on exit when used with some third-party extensions. (The code is also removed in all other current plug-ins except Page Mover, where it is required.)
Tie Mover
uplet Mover
Page Mover
(all three)
Aug. 18, 2002
  • Added multiple document support for Finale 2003.
  • Mac: Discontinued 68k support for Finale 2000+.
Patterson Beams v2.00r3 Aug. 17, 2002
  • Improved beam recognition when Finale 2003's staff-level beam and stem options are selectively applied using staff styles.
Beam Over Barlines v2.00 Aug. 17, 2002
  • Suppress leger lines on the invisible entries used to create a beam on a single note, provided slant is requested.
  • Added multiple document support for Finale 2003. (Open multiple documents and execute the plugin with no selection.)
  • Recognize Finale 2003 staff options to freeze stem directions and suppress beams.
  • Mac: Discontinued 68k support for Finale 2000+.
Patterson Beams v2.00r2 Aug. 17, 2002
  • Added the ability to process the same selected region in multiple documents (Finale 2003 only).
Patterson Beams v2.00 Aug. 17, 2002
  • Added multiple document support for Finale 2003. (Open multiple documents and execute the plugin with no selection.)
  • Recognize Finale 2003 staff options to freeze stem directions and suppress beams.
  • Mac: Discontinued 68k support for Finale 2000+.
Mass Copy v1.12r3 Aug. 12, 2002
  • Fixed bug (introduced in v1.12) that causes smart shapes attached to notes only to be partially copied
  • It is now possible to copy from one layer to another within the same measure.
Tuplet Mover v1.06r2 Jul. 21, 2002
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused an error message when auto-positioning tuplets.
Beam Over Barlines v1.03r2 Jul. 13, 2002
  • Handle slurs, articulations, etc. better when adding slant to singleton beams.
Beam Over Barlines v1.03 Jul. 13, 2002
  • Added options to apply a fixed amount of slant to singleton beamed notes if the notes are either side of the barline are different.
Mass Copy v1.12r2 Jul. 13, 2002
  • Fixed bug when copying note alterations with Finale versions older than Finale 2001. (This bug could cause a system crash.)
Page Mover v1.01 Jul. 11, 2002
  • Calculate creep margins in fractional evpu. Now only the final result is rounded.
Beam Over Barlines v1.02r2 Jul. 10, 2002
  • For Finale 2002 and higher, set the no-spacing bit for the added notes after the barline. This allows note spacing to work correctly.
Beam Over Barlines v1.02 Jul. 9, 2002
  • Added support for new Notehead Modifications in Finale 2002 (vertical adjustments, custom fonts, etc.)
Mass Copy v1.12 Jul. 9, 2002
  • Separated Accidental Mods and Notehead Mods even for versions before Finale 2001.
  • Added support for new Notehead Modifications in Finale 2002 (vertical adjustments, custom fonts, etc.)
Page Mover v1.00r2 Jul. 8, 2002
  • Fixed spelling error on "Close Window on Go".
Page Mover v1.00 Jul. 7, 2002
  • New plugin shifts and/or scales music automatically to fit any page size. Also (optionally) compensates for booklet creep.
Staff Sets v1.04r2 Jul. 6, 2002
  • Mac: Added support for 68k Macs. Does anyone still use a 68k Mac with these plugins? If so, please let me know. If no one uses them, I may drop 68k support in a future release.
  • Mac: Fixed bug when closing the main dialog. This bug crashes 68k Macs and may also cause corruption on PPC Macs.
Settings Scrapbook v1.08r2 Jul. 6, 2002
  • Mac: Fixed bug when closing the "Items in Menu" dialog. This bug crashes 68k Macs and may also cause corruption on PPC Macs.
Mass Copy v1.11 Jun. 30, 2002
  • Created a separate Note-Related Alterations sub-dialog.
  • Moved Cross-Staffing to Note-Related Alterations.
  • Added Accidental Mover Alterations.
  • Added Notehead and Percentage Alterations.
  • Windows: The modeless dialog window can now be minimized.
Settings Scrapbook v1.08 Jun. 30, 2002
  • Added Saved Settings option to allow multiple simultaneous scrapbooks.
  • Added "Items in Menu..." to the pop-up menu. This allows users to restrict the types of settings affected by Copy All, Paste All, and Clear All.
  • Placed bullets by all items in the pop-up menu that currently have settings stored that can be pasted.
  • Windows: The modeless dialog window can now be minimized.
Beam Over Barlines v1.01 Jun. 26, 2002
  • Windows: added support for Forza! QuickNavigator v0.15b and higher.
Beam Over Barlines v1.00 Jun. 22, 2002
  • Added better support for v1/v2.
  • Added support for mid-system tuplets.
  • Automatically convert clef changes on the barline to mid-measure clefs in the previous bar, if needed.
  • Added option that treats all barlines like system breaks. This facilitates beams over multiple barlines, although the user must manually adjust the beam angles.
  • Added a configuration dialog with saved settings.
Patterson Beams v1.12 Jun. 12, 2002
  • Fully support v1/v2.
  • Added Cancel button to the warning about preferred Finale Beaming Options. This button allows the user to go back and change them before continuing.
Beam Over Barlines (beta) Jun. 4, 2002
  • New plugin facilitates beams over barlines
Staff Sets v1.04 c. Apr. 2002
  • Added buttons to select active, current, all, and none.
  • Added options to dynamically use active and current (useful for Saved Settings)
Mass Copy v1.09 Feb. 16, 2002
  • Added Secondary Beam Breaks option.
  • Added Note Position Adjustments option.
Settings Scrapbook v1.06 Jan. 4, 2002
  • Added Midi Instrument Assignments
Tuplet Mover v1.05r2 Dec. 22, 2001
  • Added new autoposition options that allow numbers without brackets to be vertically positioned from the middle note(s) rather than the endpoints.
Mass Copy v1.05 thru v1.08 c. Fall, 2001
  • Revamped U.I. to use less real estate on main window.
  • Added options for Lyrics, Chords, and Stem/Beam Alterations
  • Added limited layer-to-layer copying, by using Finale's "Show Active Layer Only" option.
  • Added Clear button to allow clearing of selected items.
  • Added Collapse/Expand button to allow for the dialog to use less real estate.
  • Custom stems are now copied irrespective of stem direction.
  • Add Stem Reversal, Freeze Stem, Beam Extensions, and Cross-Staffing options.
Patterson Beams v1.11 Dec. 9, 2001
  • Added multilingual support and released German version
Settings Scrapbook v1.03 thru v1.05 c. Fall, 2001
  • Made the plugin a modeless dialog.
  • Added Bookmarks to the items in the scrapbook.
  • Fixed problem in WinFin2001+ where closing the last doc window caused the plugin no longer to be accessible.
  • Added File Info, MIDI Instruments, Scroll View Staves, and Scroll View Groups to the list of copyable items.
  • Removed artificial limit on size of items that can be saved.
Patterson Beams v1.08 thru v1.10 c. Fall, 2001
  • Added support for "Ignore Layers Containing Only Hidden Notes" option in Finale 2002 layer options.
  • Added support for Alternate Notation in Finale 2000 and higher, as follows. Beams interrupted by alternate notation staff styles are now correctly recognized. Beams containing rhythmic slash notation are skipped. Beamed groups entirely hidden by alternate notation options are skipped. (No changes were made for Alternate Notation in Finale 98 or 97.)
  • Added "French Beams" options.
  • Added option to compensate beams' thickness and spacing based on beam angle.
  • Added code to prevent processing of staves that are optimized out.
  • Fixed bugs in behavior for certain reverse-stem eighth patterns.
All plug-ins (various) Sep. 2, 2001
  • Windows in WinFin 2001 and higher now stay where you put them.
  • Added support for "Ignore Layers Containing Only Hidden Notes" option in Finale 2002 layer options.