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Version History

v6.06a May 22, 2022 Remove beta limitation on Staff Sets plugin.
v6.06 Mar. 3, 2022 Fix issues with multi-staff selection in Autoposition Rolled Chords.
Add Stretch Horizontally to Multimeasure Rests dialog (Finale 27.2 and higher).
v6.05 Dec. 25. 2021 Miscellaneous: move miscellaneous menu to bottom of list, set off with separators.
Miscellaneous: add (optional) warning when caching a system layout if there is already one in the cache.
Miscellaneous: add (optional) confirmation message when caching a system layout.
Miscellaneous: add laissez vibrer ties.
Parenthesize Trill-To Notes: default to Finale Maestro for Fin27.
Add check for new versions of Patterson Plug-Ins when Finale launches.
Jun. 19, 2021 Add Continuation Ties: add continuation even if layers end at different locations within the same measure.
Move Registration to separate menu item in Options and Info and Copyist Helper.
Hide options in Saved Settings dialog if they are not applicable.
Add option (Mac only) to keep JW Lua windows visible when switching to another application besides Finale.
Miscellaneous: Position Rolled Chord Marks (new function).
Multimeasure Rests: use Time Signature numerals with SMuFL fonts.
Multimeasure Rests: incorporate horizontal text offset from mmrest settings in expression assignments
Multimeasure Rests: convert expressions from time-sig numerals and back as needed when changing to/from SMuFL font.
Transposition: Add option to transpose chords and/or transpose notes.
v6.03 Feb. 6, 2021 Added Spanish translation.
Copyist Helper: refactor to use submenu and add function to smart insert/delete measures and systems.
Miscellaneous Functions: added insert/delete measures and systems.
Parenthesize Trill-To: added Modify All option to add parenthesis to and remove stems from all grace notes of specified type.
Saved Settings: add option to group plugin + saved settings in a submenu (when saved settings exist)
Refactored Miscellaneous, Multimeasure Rests, and Staff Sets to create submenus.
Refactored Options and Info to move itself to the bottom of its menu (with a separator)
v6.02a Jul. 31, 2020 Fix Finale crash caused by adding a description to a text expression. This affected several new (and existing) plugins.
v6.02 Jul. 29, 2020 Copyist Helper: added automatic adjustment a measure numbers for key/time/repeat and automatic centering under the barline.
Mass Copy: added option for space at beg/end of measure
Mass Copy: reimplemented Staff Style copying between documents
Measure Numbers: change auto measure numbering to use expressions
Miscellaneous: Add functions to create beat-attached slurs as arpeggiation ties and continuation ties
Miscellaneous: Bookmarks navigation utility
Miscellaneous: Copy System Layout: match options to be like Copy System Baselines
Miscellaneous: Copy Page Layout/Copy System Layout: add Single option
Miscellaneous: Copy Page Layout: add option for copying Staff Styles
Miscellaneous: Move Expressions: add part view warning
Multimeasure Rests: Option to Ignore Hidden Expressions
Multimeasure Rests: Use expressions for numbers for non-standard and multistaff
Note Spacing: "Ignore clefs" option now allows Finale to reposition them then restores their previous positions
Note Spacing: Add blanket Ignore Grace Notes option for parts
Page Title Copy: Complete redesign of U.I. to be similar to Copy Page Layout
Parenthesize Trill-To Notes: Saved settings now find the main linked articulations if they don't have their own.
Parenthesize Trill-To Notes: Document settings include placement options that override those in the plugin's config data.
Settings Scrapbook: added Clef Metatools, Key Signature Metatools, Smart Shape Metatools, Staff Styles, Staff Style Metatools, and Time Signature Metatools
Settings Scrapbook: Added lyrics prefs (for Finale 26.2 and higher)
Smart Shape Editor: independently align left and right h values
Transposition: New Plugin that enhances Finale's transposition function.
Notice Jun. 12, 2020 Certain Miscellaneous Utilities have been deprecated in favor of JW Lua scripts. They will be removed in a future version. Click here for more details.
v6.01 May 25, 2020 Repackage Windows version with correct C++ runtime.
v6.01 Apr. 16, 2020 Beam Over Barline: add "Treat Key Changes Like System Breaks" option.
Mass Copy: only honor "paste attributes only" when appropriate, and move option to the main window.
Mass Copy: Re-organize around note-based and notehead-based options and allow note-based targets to be cleared when copying from a source that has no override.
Miscellaneous: Copy System Baselines add parts menu
Miscellaneous: Find Articulation & Expression now circle to the beginning and continue searching the entire document.
Note Spacing: add "use score spacing" flag to copy spacing from score to part for a particular bar
Note Spacing: add "match score system" flag to match score system to part system
Note Spacing: add "ignore grace notes" flag to ignore grace notes in specified measures
Note Spacing: add "ignore clefs" flag to ignore turn off clef avoidance is specific measures
Note Spacing: add "Ignore Clefs in Parts" option to ignore clefs entirely in part view.
Parenthesize Trill-To Notes: new function to position and add parentheses to grace notes so that they become trill-to notes. Includes alignment of grace notes in different layers or v1/v2.
Settings Scrapbook: added Instrument Names (by position)
Staff Sets: add multi-instrument name as appropriate
Tie Mover: reorganized dialog to better show function and added "Revert All Other Ties To Default Settings" option.
Recognize any modeless window whose title starts with "JW " as a modeless plugin (Mac).
v6.00 Nov. 5, 2019 Add compatibility with macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
Copyist Helper: add bookmark name text inserts (as a stand-in for section names)
Copyist Helper: add ability to process score and parts in one pass
Copyist Helper: titles with inserts can now have different positioning in score and each part
Miscellaneous Utilities: Find Articulation: new function to find articulation assignments
Miscellaneous Utilities: Find Expression: new function to find expression assignments
Miscellaneous Utilities: Change Lyric Number now offers to combine lyric text blocks if the target block already contains syllables.
Miscellaneous Utilities: Change Lyric Number now has ability to transition lyric numbers between Chorus, Verse, and Section blocks with arbitrary numbers.
Miscellaneous Utilities: Position Page-Attached Expressions. Implement "System" level horizontal alignment and translate h/v offsets in the exp definition to page h/v offsets so that they align with items on the page.
Add JW Change to list of managed modeless dialogs on Mac.
Patterson Beams: French Beams on Reduced Notes & Grace Notes, support for grace note beams.
v5.21 Apr. 30, 2019 Mass Copy: Add option to suppress rebeaming
Mass Copy: Add option to copy Multimeasure Rests
Mass Copy: Add part-level support
Merge Layers (new modeless plugin).
Change Lyric Number now modeless
Copy Page Layout: add filter for system baselines
Copy Page Layout: add filters for multimeausure rests and note spacing
Copy System Baselines now modeless
Copy System Layout now modeless
Resize Selected Staves now modeless
Note Spacing: streamline part lists setup
Patterson Beams: Get correct default position of beams with Fin26 tremolos
Patterson Beams: Add support for reduced/enlarged notes to Full Version (limited)
Smart Shape Editor: Allow vertical editing of both endpoints when appropriate.
Smart Shape Editor: preserve dialog settings after exiting Finale.
Smart Shape Editor: more complete support for note-attached shapes
Oct. 16, 2018
Mass Copy: Add Relink command (including Smart Shapes)
Mass Copy: Allow copying of multiple beat-attached smart shapes of the same type in the same beat location. (Useful for stacks of beat-attached slurs posing as ties.)
Mass Copy: Allow copying of rhythmic values (note durations)
Miscellaneous: Move Expressions now can also move the start- and end-points of beat-attached smart shapes.
Miscellaneous: Copy Page Layout and Move Expressions now modeless.
Miscellaneous: New "Add Augmentation Dots" adds dots to every note in selected region.
Note Spacing: Added multiple lists (per saved setting) assignable to Score/Parts
Note Spacing: Added option to assign a setting to all measures
Patterson Beams: Added support (to the extent possible) for stems and beams with Finale 26 automatic tremolos and other similar articulation.
Smart Shape Editor: Added more options for note-based shapes. Also added ability to align multiple shapes to have the same left-to-right angle (horizontal or not).
Tie Mover: add expressions for flagging ties to be skipped.
v5.12 Jun. 15, 2018
Mass Copy: Restored ability to copy expressions between documents in Fin25.4 and higher.
Mass Copy: Add option to clear the target before pasting.
Mass Copy: Add measure widths as an option to copy.
Mass copy: Add note spacing (for entire measures) as an item to copy or clear.
Settings Scrapbook: Restored expression items and custom line definitions to menu in Fin25.4 and higher. Also added expression categories.
Smart Shape Editor: is now modeless in all but Finale 2012 for Mac.
Smart Shape Editor: added limited support for Note-Attached expressions.
Multimeasure Rests: added option to use document settings Minimum Measure Width for single-bar rests.
Multimeasure Rests: added ability to skip a measure entirely by flagging the Description field of an expression.
Miscellaneous: add Resize Selected Staves command.
Oct. 30, 2017
Beam Selection: invoking with Option Key (Mac) or Shift Key (Win) breaks all beams in the selection
Patterson Beams: special-handling expressions now only affect the staff to which the expression is assigned.
Tie Mover: fix non-functioning checkboxes in 64-bit Mac version.
Mass Copy: suppress error message when clearing smart shapes
Mass Copy: added beat chart elements to copyable items
Mass Copy: added option to copy note value when copying tuplets on single notes.
Smart Shape Editor: work around Finale bug that causes Smart Shape Editor not to be able to see certain measure-attached smart shapes.
Smart Shape Editor: Allow modification of measure numbers in score view.
Smart Shape Editor: Added support for separate editing of chunks over system breaks.
Miscellaneous: Added "Move Expressions" to move expressions from one meas/beat to another.
Note Spacing: added ability to skip over measures by assigning special expressions to them.
Note Spacing: added ability to copy region list from one saved setting to another.
Jul. 14, 2017
Drop support for Finale versions 25 - 25.3. (Must update to at least Finale 25.4 to use 64-bit 5.10.)
Position Page-Oriented: add support for fixed-font expressions on staves with enduction other than 100%.
Copy Page Layout: fix extraneous error when attempting to load measures beyond the end of the document.
Multimeasure Rests: add ability to open config dialog when invoking Create & Force Create. (By simultaneously pressing Mac-opt or Win-shift keys.)
Page Mover: update page format for parts when running in part view
Options and Info: Mac focus loss prevention code now also allows modeless windows to disappear when Finale is deactivated.
Copyist Helper: fix error in centering ranges on multimeasure rests.
Various small bug fixes.

version number skipped for technical reasons

version number skipped for technical reasons
v5.07 Apr. 3, 2017
System Restore raised exception if called immediately after force-hiding bottom staff in Page View.
Copy Page Layout from part with title page to one without duplicated the page titles on the title page.
Copy Page Layout: copy/remove page breaks
Copy Page Layout: show parts in correct order without hidden font indicators in names
Copy Page Layout: add option to skip meas distro and to replicate pages
Copy Page Layout: prevent execution if Automatic Update Layout is enabled.
Add inst check to Position Page-Oriented, so that non-selected insts are not repositioned.

Mass Copy:
Copy/Clear any note percent changes along with notehead percent changes.

Multimeasure Rests:
reversed display sign of vert offset (to match Finale behavior)
allow no-selection for saved settings that don't force create
fix bug in determining staff for forced meas nums
adjust "1" expression based on number of staff lines
vertically adjust centered measures nums based on number of staves

Patterson Beams:
Remove French Beams no longer wrecks stems on tremolos
Add ability to flag specific stems or beams for special processing (using expressions).

Settings Scrapbook:
Added support for new File Info layout in Finale 25.3
Feb. 20, 2017
Added option that prevents Mac modeless dialogs from grabbing focus in Finale 2014.5 and higher. (On by default.)
Miscellaneous Utilities: Added ability to position page-oriented expressions in any category.
All menu description strings now localizable.
Measure Numbers: Mac checkboxes now work in Finale 2014.5 and Finale 25.
Patterson Beams: More consistent results with 32nd notes.
Miscellaneous: Fixed issue in Copy Lyric Num where lyrics text got copied to the wrong number.
Mac escape key now is the same as pressing "Cancel" or "Close" buttons. (Finale 2014.5 and higher)
Added support for Keep Octave Transposition in Concert Pitch option introduced in Finale 25.2.
Jan. 9, 2017
New Utilites:
Change Lyric Number
Copy Page Layout
Copy System Baselines
Crumb-Style 5-Beat Notes
Delete Hidden V2
Group Reset
Page-Oriented Titles
System Caching

Mass Copy: now copies baselines when creating a new Lyric text block.
Mass Copy: Smarter comparison of Lyric text blocks.
Stored Settings: re-enable storing of staff groups in Fin12+.
Beam Selection: Fixed undo string (broken in v4.0).
Patterson Beams: apply special short stems for singleton beams more consistently

Bug fixes.

v5.04 Aug. 17, 2016 64-bit support for Finale 25 (Mac & Win).
Smart Shape Editor: recognizes new dotted slurs in Finale 25.
Mass Copy: can now copy primary beam breaks.
Option and Info: new option to warn if saving musx file in an older version of Finale (off by default).
Staff Sets: optionally show staff set description in plugin menu for Fin14d and higher (on by default).
Multimeasure Rests: option to use expression for single measures.
v5.03 Apr. 8, 2016 Prepare code base for 64-bit builds.

Added German localization to Patterson Beams. This localization replaces the separate "Patterson Balken" binaries that were dropped in 4.50 (on Sep. 11, 2014). German users will now automatically see the German version if they are using German Finale.
v5.02 Mar. 10, 2016 Mass Copy
Do not leave checkbox checked when canceling out of 2ndary dlg.

Multimeasure Rests
Handle Automatic Double Bar Before Key Change option that is new in Fin14.5
Add option to delete existing multimeas rests before creating new ones.

Name Utilities
Add option to set default horizontal staff name positions to those of group names.

Settings Scrapbook
Fix EDTTextInsertDefPrefs copying issue due to mis-sized struct def.
v5.01 Sep. 23, 2015
Released versions for Finale 2014.5

Check pent for null in EntryPtr::IsNull().
Fixed issue where smart shape assignment with bogus centerShape id caused plugins (Beam Over and Mass Copy) to fail.

Mass Copy
Fixed crash when copying over source with two copies of the same expression.

Beam Over Barline
Fixed issue where cryptic message appear on whole-doc select
Fixed issue where switching away and back could crash Finale 2014.5
Fixed issue where Automatic Update Layout caused cryptic message

Note Spacing
Added "Minimum Distance Between Ledger Lines" option.
v5.00 Apr. 12, 2015 Repackaged Windows version to include Smart Shape Editor.
v5.00 Apr. 9, 2015 See the new version announcement.