Robert G. Patterson – Scenes from Beyond Memory (2013)

Of what use is writing a blog about contemporary music if I cannot mention my own music? The piece this time was written by me, so the reader may choose an appropriate dose of salt. I compose under the name “Robert G. Patterson” (including the middle initial) primarily to distinguish myself from another composer with […]

Katherine Hoover – Summer Night (1984)

Katherine Hoover is an established composer based in New York. First published in 1972, she has produced numerous works in a variety of genres with a particular emphasis on works featuring the flute. Commercial recordings of her music are widely available. “Summer Night” was originally a showpiece for flute, horn, and string orchestra. However, the […]

Vivian Fine – Songs and Arias (1990)

Vivian Fine (1913-2000) was one of the members of the Young Composers’ Group that also included Aaron Copland, Arthur Berger, Bernard Herrmann, Elie Siegmeister, and others. Her composing career spanned essentially seventy years from her professional debut in 1931 until her death in 2000. She was also a skilled pianist. In the 1930s she premiered […]

Yie-Eun Chun – Urban Polyphony (2013)

Ensembles with a core of flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano surged in the twentieth century. Often called “Pierrot” ensembles, after Arnold Schoenberg’s masterpiece Pierrot Lunaire for these instruments, they commonly add one or more additional instruments, especially percussion. These reviews—at least initially—focus on pieces that add horn to some or all of the core […]

György Ligeti – Trio for Violin, Horn and Piano (1982)

“Hommage à Brahms”   It would be difficult to name a post-1950 work for horn in chamber music that adds more to the repertoire than the Horn Trio by György Ligeti. Not only does it redress the paucity of works featuring the horn by established contemporary composers. It is also a pivotal work in Ligeti’s […]

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